donderdag 28 april 2011

I am a NINJA

As promised: some of the madness between me & Belina. While doing photoshop. The story behind it is that she was (before I even really noticed it, I was really concentrated working) she was all the time saying 'I am a NINJA! HUM *imagine a weird move*'.

So when I finally noticed it ... I asked her if she was just saying all the time 'I am a ninja'?. And then we laughed. All the time.

So she filmed me before I noticed it & this is the result:

Oh & I filmed her to!

This is actually typical for me & her. Put us together & this is the result you get. Total madness. And with madness, I mean the things like in the thing above. And worse.

woensdag 27 april 2011


I have the (stupid) habit to photograph shoes & foots. Here are mine & Belinda! This is from february/march (our last intern period) & we mixed those week between 'normal' & colorfull:

Left: Beli, Right: Me

Left Beli, right me again.

We're going to blog more soon hopefully! School has started again & so far, we had some insane moments already. Which we definitly need to blog about :D

In the mainwhile: Beli her personal blog (check her new art work out!) is here & mine (which is randomly as usual, I need to blog more again about my personal daily life) is here.

donderdag 21 april 2011

About rats

Rats is a subject both me & Beli are totally into love with. We both own a small army (I have three beautifull ladies & Beli two) of these little funny creatures. Rats are common in the subculture we live in, but we do notice that outside 'our subculture' rats are still seen as the vermin.

Rats are indeed connected to the plague & everything related with sickness & horror of past times. And this can be true: wild rats are something you shouldn't go reckless around with (don't ever try to touch a while one. If they bite, go to the doctor!).

Pet rats are the totally opposite. They're playfull, loyal & they will love you 'till the end if you won the heart of your rat. Right now, one of my rats (Captain Candy) is sleeping on my leg while I write this blog to. They will trust you & will always tend to hang around you or inside your clothes (yez dears, inside your clothes! & seriously, there is nothing so heartwarming as a few rats sleeping in your clothes against your skin while you're doing your thing).

They're not aggresive, they can have the habit to 'defend' the territory of their cage but I never been bitten by one. They love to be hugged. They love to get as much attention as you can give & they love njommie food.

Rats are really social, so mostly they will run after you (in my case they do, until I mention 'cage' & then they will run away & hide somewhere in the room) to hang around you. Because of that it's also really important you keep two rats (of the same gender ofcourse) together. Now matter how much attention you give, you are not a rat who can do rat things.

They do tend to kill your clothes, pillows, wires & blankets. They do tend to eat so much you will not have a cent left (okay not true, but they can eat a lot), they can keep you awake at night because they're making to much noise. But even with all those things, you WILL love rats once you won their heart.

Belinda has a video on her blog of all our rats eating & on my blog I just posted a blog about going out with the rats in the garden.

by Jessica Florence

Lots of love!

maandag 18 april 2011

Lilac hair: pro & con

So we did blog already about Belinda her amazing pretty lilac hair, she did blogged also already about how to achieve it but now I'm going to talk about the little pro & contras of having that color.

The good side: it's an amazing color; something between spring & ice. Not many have it (as far as I know) but it combines really great with a wide range of other (clothes) colors. I think it's also really feminine if you like to dress yourself as ice goth, it's also a great color.

But the bad side is, we both experienced it, is that it fades immediatly after washing. I had a little part in my hair & when I washed my hair it was all gone. Belinda had washed her hair also a few times and all the prettyness was gone to.

The good part of it is that your hair becomes white, totally white. Which is great if you have that yellow shine in your hair after bleaching for example or you're blond (like me) & wants something lighter. You have to walk around for a few days with lilac, but if you don't mind that it's one of the options to get that(which we are going to blog about to way later to).

Going for lilac is or having a serieus job on keeping it or having it for a few days with the result of white hair. I think it's worth it but we still wanted to tell your our experience with it.

Many loves!

zondag 10 april 2011


Something I didn't post about but which I should! I & Belinda did some quick shopping for our collection (much needed materiaks) but we ended in the think2: a second hand shop. We both found some pretty stuff (which wasn't expensive at all. Belinda even found a little jacket that is still for sale in the h&m!).

Belinda loved the loin at the Zoo.

I didn't like it.

Approaching after hanging out the tourist in my own city. With my FIRST icecream of the year! I looove straciatella ice cream!

Me beeing the tourist. I never noticed the map. But I do live allready more then 1,5 year like 5 minutes from the station ...

Beeing UBERgothic in black. Belinda was the pretty goth. I look like the trashgoth here with my leather & (fake) dr martens ...

Pretty (happy) Belinda.


Yezzz it's vacantion for us! So we are finally at home for two weeks & a day (eastern monday to yez!), with the bad side that I & Belinda aren't going to see each other for a while. Normally I'm going the second week to Antwerp for all kind of things but this week I'm staying at home & I'm going to Berlin to.

My rats are (still) doing a sleepover with Belinda & I hope that they (well Gin) is going to lose some fatties. Captain is allright & as far as I heard already they're for the rest doing fine.

I'm going to do some more us-blogging related things. Things we love, things we do, things we did ... Maybe also about how we met & stuff. And more of that.

And damn: we have already 10 followers! Amaaaazing! <3 We all love you :D
You know where to go if you want to read more madness of us (note: right side of the blog are links to our personal blogs).

Hope you're all going to have a nice vacantion!
Lots of love:


donderdag 7 april 2011

Our deadlines

So we both survived our deadline of the 5th of avril. We had to show three costumes of our collection that evening & you can be sure: we where pretty death when we finally reached the judges itself.

Beli her judges was good -as usual- & she took some photos of it. I'm going to push her to upload it here so you can see her wonderfull work with her magick touch! Mine was okay, I'm not as good as Beli is & I find my love more in jewelry then clothes. I didn't took any photos (totally forgot it!).

Right now we are still both working on one of our last intern-endworks. I decided to stop, since I'm so bloody tired. Beli is still working.

Tomorrow it's 'vacantion' for us. I'm going to Berlin for four days (<3 love!) & Beli is going to take care of my little rats in the main while. In august, her rats are coming to me <3 Yeah, it's always like this. Our her rats are here or mine are there.

Anyhow, we didn't post a lot but you can still follow us on our personal blogs to, don't forget! ^^ Mine is here & Beli her is there.

Lots of loves!

maandag 4 april 2011

John Lydon

While Beli is digging up old memories of her Punk-time (and making me sad because I never experienced this period in my life) she showed me (while we where working on our costumes) the movie & more videos of John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten. You know, the (hot) one from the Sex Pistols?

We where talking about it today & that we should blog about it. She did it already & now I'm doing my part here on this blog. It's one of her idols & it's becoming one of mine to (beside the part I think he was once REALLY hot!).

He also remind me a little bit of Steven (aka my boyfriend-husband in spe). Because of his little bit of a skeleton look. Beli said the same, but then for the weird look in his eyes. I can't agree more. It's the truth.
I just fall for weird guys.

Lots of love!

Laura Sheridan

zaterdag 2 april 2011

Captain Candy her tail

Belinda already blogged about how Captain Candy her tail got degloved a few days ago. She's still had pain when she's stepping on it, it looks still horrible but it's already turning black & I think she only feels pain on the part closest to her still 'living' part. The most bone is there.

I just refreshed her cage (in fact, it's just a the little box we use to take our rats with us) but we thought it would be better to let her stay in there until she's recovered. There are no others rats who can hurt her by stepping on it & so far, she's sleeping a lot to.

It's really really sad ... Captain didn't deserve it since she's never the one who starts a fight or she never really didn't care. If it was my Gin or Belinda her Sanbuca, it would be because they where beeing two bitches again. Captain was just on the wrong place on the wrong time. Again.

Poor little thing. I'm going to give her an overdose of love when I can pick her up again without hurting her to much!

Laura Sheridan

Let's buy some fabrics!

Sometimes we do try & take photos of our outfits! Here is the one of us when we went to buy more fabrics for our collection:


Laura Sheridan

vrijdag 1 april 2011

Bodymods: Septum

I thought it would be also interesting for all of you to read some of my experiences with my awesome rainbow septum! I have it since a year now & got it as birthay present from friends.

My septum is done by the Roxy in Antwerp, they payed 50 euros for it.

This was my first piercing & I was bloody nervous! I had read that it could hurt a lot so I was prepared for a good dose of pain. I was trying to stay as calm as possible, especially when he grabbed my nose with that annoying pliers (in fact if I think back: that hurted even more then when they did that needle trought my nose!).

The pain itself: it was a good mean one. But when it's done & the septum is in, it's definitly okay. It hurts ofcourse, more an itching burning then pain. But I felt it.

It healed okay. I was always playing with it & then it was my own fault for having tears in my eye because of the itching pain when it moved. The main problem was the dried nasal mucus. It itched around the healing wound of the septum & when you tried to blow your nose.

It healed in a good week or three. I had the most pain in the first week-week and a half. After that, it was really good & now I have never pain. I can turn it in & out like it's nothing and I own now a pretty metallic rainbow one.

Funny sidenote: I have it more then a year now but my parents still don't know it. It's easy to hide & nobody will notice it normally. So that's a real good point of you are afraid of scars afterwards or angry parents ;)

Laura Sheridan

How I made my hair lilac.

Hi folks! Laura told you that I'm going to tell my story how to get my hair lilac so I will share it with you :p

What I used is a leftover from some purple hairdye called Violet from Directions, it's not enough anymore to dye my whole head so I decided I'm going to make my hair lilac with it.
This is a semi permanent haircolor so it washes away over some time.

I kept a bottle from a hairbleaching product becaus it had a tip i could close again and this is where i put my mix in. I put my leftover hairdye in the bottle and fill it up with conditioner, I use Elséve color-veve creme (conditioner) becaus I noticed it works great for my bleached hair , If i blached my hair and I used this , it felt all normal again so :)

Then when you have filled it with some conditioner and just a lil bit water to make it more liquid , that's easier to use it on your hair becaus you can "massage it in beter yourself" keep it in for at least an houre I would say , I mostly leave it 2 houres in to be sure, you don't have to be scared it would damage your hair becaus this is not an agressive product, remember it's semi permanent, there's nothing in it to keep it there permanent :)

Wash it out , dry it and now you should have lilac hair , like I have ;) Let me know if you tried it, how it went and show me some lovely pictures of your hair!

Lots of love! Belinda

Hairdo: Lilac

As you may know or not: Belinda is the queen when it comes to coloring her hair. Since she had boring blond for a while (and I was pushing her to dye it again) she looked in her cabinet & found this awesome lilac color from directions!

I'm going to let her write the trick with conditioner she did. But here is her awesome result! She did some to in my bang & I love it also so much! I'm going to take a photo to when the light is better.


Eyo there!

Eyo there! I am Laura (but prefer using Sheridan) & she is Belinda, my partner in crime & companion. We (well I mainly) started this blog because I thought we had a to awesome life together with to much fun that we had to share with all of you out there!

You can always check out or personal blogs Candyophobia & Tek Error to if you want to know us some more!

So, here, are we going to talk about things we do together, about our hair-experiments with coloring, piercings & more bodymods, clothes & shopping ... just mainly a blog that two alternative & gothic minded-dressed girls would write. Oh & about rats to ofcourse!

Stay tuned!

& Belinda
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