donderdag 7 april 2011

Our deadlines

So we both survived our deadline of the 5th of avril. We had to show three costumes of our collection that evening & you can be sure: we where pretty death when we finally reached the judges itself.

Beli her judges was good -as usual- & she took some photos of it. I'm going to push her to upload it here so you can see her wonderfull work with her magick touch! Mine was okay, I'm not as good as Beli is & I find my love more in jewelry then clothes. I didn't took any photos (totally forgot it!).

Right now we are still both working on one of our last intern-endworks. I decided to stop, since I'm so bloody tired. Beli is still working.

Tomorrow it's 'vacantion' for us. I'm going to Berlin for four days (<3 love!) & Beli is going to take care of my little rats in the main while. In august, her rats are coming to me <3 Yeah, it's always like this. Our her rats are here or mine are there.

Anyhow, we didn't post a lot but you can still follow us on our personal blogs to, don't forget! ^^ Mine is here & Beli her is there.

Lots of loves!

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