vrijdag 31 december 2010

Daily Rat Photos

A quick post with some of the many photos i have of the little ones!
Here they're eating, they still drink milk but i also noticed they started to eat the apple & a bit old bread to.

Phobia is taking one of the kids for a quick 'bath'.

Gin (and Captain, but she runned away)meeting the kids. It's cute to see how she is scared of the kids! But the kids are in love with Gin.

Phobia vs. escaping

For some odd reason, Phobia is always trying to escape. Like she's doing here on the photos below.

But when she is finally out of the cage on her own (what rarely happends) she wants to get back as soon as possibe. If i help her a bit, she's asking for some cuddles but then, she's as fast as she can back in the cage.

zondag 26 december 2010

Little raties

Snickers & Milky Way

They're like twins aren't they? ^^ These are two of the kids from Phobia. And the other ones ofcourse to :) Named those two Snickers & Milky Way.

zaterdag 25 december 2010

Photos of Nezumi

Someone of my class gave me this photos from past schoolyear. Nezumi always went with me to school, she really enjoyed it. I remember the days that i didn't take her with me outside & when i came back inside, she was looking at me from inside her cage with eyes that where almost blaming me for leaving her behind.

She was one amazing rat. I still miss her a lot.

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