zondag 30 januari 2011

My army

The kids are all gone & I still miss them a lot. But it's way better, since I had a hard time combining to combine my schoolwork with taking care off 11 rats. So only my Captain, Gin & Phobia are staying with me. And it's going better then ever! I love them so much <3

My sleepyheads this morning:

X Sheridan

woensdag 19 januari 2011

Babysitting rats!

Last weekend asked my friend Laura if I could babysit all of her rats. I said yes ofcourse becaus I love those very much! But I have to tell you that she owns 11 rats right now :p

3 adults, and 8 babies! And I have 2 rats myself so it was a big patry in my ratcage , luckly I have a pretty big cage so it was fun for them. The babies oved to explore the many hangmats I hung up and loved to tease the adults. The adults loved to sleep in one hangmat together ^_^ and to run away from the babies, every time I opened the door they tried to get out so they had some quiet and peace ^_^

Some times I took the adults downstairs so they can sleep without the little one nibbling their tails or biting their legs :D

But now they are back with Laura and it's all so still now, then I realise how much noise it makes , so many rats :D

but now on to the photo's!

zaterdag 8 januari 2011


So the little rats are copying the elder rats. Cute to see, until i noticed this:
One cage, where all the rats live, is open. The older ones can go in & out as they want. So they can have some rest to. They do that by jumping.

The little ones are copying this. They manage it, as tiny as they are, to jump high enough to get out. So, when i'm going to bed or it's evening, i put them in the only option I have here: a birdcage.

I know, it's small. But it's that or 8 kids running around!
Total chaos.

dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Video of my rats

Taking a nap

The kids are doing great. I saw that they're copying what the older ones do & i'm really glad. Phobia is still to young to get children & i hoped the older ones would accept the little ones. So far, the pictures below show it's true they match together really well!

Hiding for the camera, they love this old malteser-box. They where with all 7 or 8 in this together! Think they spend the night really good ^^

And here, sleeping together:

Skittles found the best spot to sleep:

Phobia changed her spot to sleep, but this one didn't payed attention to it:

maandag 3 januari 2011


Yes, they like old bread a lot here!


Here will be my first post in this blog :D

I'm Belinda , 20 years old and finaly got 2 female rats after loads of discussions with m dad , but my stephmom made him say YES.
My friend Laura made me fall in love with these lil creatures, she already had one big cute rat and made me part of it.
After babysitting for a whole week on her 2 rats made me realise I felt in love even more! They slept in my sleeves , played with my hair , stole my food (and that's a crime to me you know) I could not get mad at them. They were always waiting for me to give them attention and made me feel so much more alive, sooooo when my dad approved I straight away went looking on the internet for a secondhand cage and find a good one for no money. It's big enough for 4-5 rats :D Also went looking on the site from Ratito to adopt 2 female rats.

Then I found my 2 girls Elsie and Sambuca, both "Japannerkes" and one even had those cute dumbo ears oooh.
That eveniing I went to pick up the cage and made reservations on my rats, the days after were killing me BUT they said it was ok and I could go pick up those ladies.

I was so excited and lost my way to them but I got them took them home with me on the train , and they were happy exploring the cage but from then it went lil bit downhill. Elsie was very scared and shy, Sambuca was a fearbiter. She even bit me so hard she got stuck with her teeth in my finger and I had to pull real hard to get loose and it was bleeding like hell, I was crying so hard and was very scared of her that I did not give her attention for a full day.

I talked to Laura and we decided she was going to stay at her place for a few days, becaus Sambuca somehow liked her more then me. After she came back it seemed like everything was back to alright, she climed on me ,ate out of my hands, but suddenly after 2 week she started biting again but this time I was not going to be scared , I just tried to convince her with nice treats to like me and it worked , she dont feel the need anymore to bite me away but I guess it could happen maybe a few times more in the futere but we will overcome this :)

But I also wanted to talk about the wound she got home with, when she was at Laura's place , she got to meet her rats , Gin and Captain Candy. Gin didn't like Sambuca very much and they did fight some, and i'm guessing she got a bite from Gin in the back , i'm not totally sure , but it would be a logical explanation.

The wound started to grow and got hard , I was scared and so was LAura that this could be an abces, she walked around for some time with it becaus I wanted to see what would happen , and luckily the swelling got down , skin became some again, the only thing remaining is a bald place , the hair needs to grow back on that place , but i'm so releaved it was nothing more serious then that :) I will post a picture of how it looked like:
                                                Sambuca with her wound

                                            Laura blowing Elsie, still don't know if she likes it or not :p

Two owners

I've decided to invite my good friend Belinda to this blog to as co-writer. Since we both have rats, live 24/5 in real life together & the other 24/2 online talking it was just a great idea to just write both on this blog about our rats & the adventures! Double fun isn't it?

Anyway, see you with the next update!

First writer: Sheridan

zondag 2 januari 2011

Old & Young

I'm soo happy the kids & the older rats like each other ^^

The adoptions

The adoptions are going great! 4 of the 8 are (Skittles & Milky Way of the females & Lion & Mentos of the boys) already reservated & the 4 others are still free. Onfortunatly, my little favorite Skittles is already reservated by someone else & is not going to Belinda :( *cry cry* but i know the other owner will take care of it really good so ^^ It's not sure yet if Belinda can adopt of my nest, since she need to take 2 instead of 1 & we don't know how her dad will react ...

But two of the boys are going to Kitzen! I asked if she could take also the 3th one, so they can stay together, but we will see :) There will be another nest soon of another owner & maybe, they can be 'mixed'.

The owner of Ratito is going to take care of the rest of the little rats when they can go away from the mother (i can't keep those :( snifsnif) & she will take care of those. It's a bit ... sad to know they're going away in a week or 2. I'm nearly crying, since I love the little ones soooo much! But that's life. I can't keep those. I'm already happy they will go to a good home :)

And i have tons of photos.
And little videos to.

God i love rats sooo much! <3

zaterdag 1 januari 2011

They're online

After a while, the topic for the adoption is finally online on Ratito! I'm really glad they did it finally, there are several people asking my if they can adopt my rats, but since I had an agreement with Ratito, i had to work by their way. But there they're!

The serious people can start adopting & when they're old enough & gained enough weight, they can go to their new home :)

Some more shots from the kids:

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