zondag 2 januari 2011

The adoptions

The adoptions are going great! 4 of the 8 are (Skittles & Milky Way of the females & Lion & Mentos of the boys) already reservated & the 4 others are still free. Onfortunatly, my little favorite Skittles is already reservated by someone else & is not going to Belinda :( *cry cry* but i know the other owner will take care of it really good so ^^ It's not sure yet if Belinda can adopt of my nest, since she need to take 2 instead of 1 & we don't know how her dad will react ...

But two of the boys are going to Kitzen! I asked if she could take also the 3th one, so they can stay together, but we will see :) There will be another nest soon of another owner & maybe, they can be 'mixed'.

The owner of Ratito is going to take care of the rest of the little rats when they can go away from the mother (i can't keep those :( snifsnif) & she will take care of those. It's a bit ... sad to know they're going away in a week or 2. I'm nearly crying, since I love the little ones soooo much! But that's life. I can't keep those. I'm already happy they will go to a good home :)

And i have tons of photos.
And little videos to.

God i love rats sooo much! <3

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