donderdag 28 juli 2011

Tsss tssss

Well, it's has been a while! Things have been incredibly busy last school weeks (yeah, even the last. They're hard for us!) but both I & Belinda passed (we are to awesome) & now we are enjoying our well deserved vacantion.

I'm back from my looong trip to France & Beli survived her month working. The news is that I passed for my entrance examens in the academy for jewelry & Beli is going to do webdesign (awesomness!).

So it's been over a MONTH since we saw each other (& you can't imagine how much I missed her) but soon, very soon: we are together back in Antwerp. I have monday & thuesday the most awesome project days so far (more on my blogs Candyophobia & LeRoye photography) AND Beli is coming with me! I'm not going to tell more about it, but the rats are coming to & I'm going to have way to much cameras and video cameras with me so you can imagine it's going to be one hell of a day!

We hope to catch up with blogging again soon here, but things have been hectic & we both didn't had internet for a while to (yeah that to) but normally, things are going to turn out allright :)
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