donderdag 19 mei 2011


I & Beli have ordered these awesome shoes for our runway next saturday:

Aren't they AWESOME?!

dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Being engaged!

Yes, today Laura asked me to marry her and I said yes mmmmmmm *hearts hearts* with even a ring! (50 cent from some candy turn thing)

Owyeah! But nah , it's not real , she does not realy love me becaus she's already engaged to Steven :p Skank!


Today I asked Beli to marry me! On me knees, with an ugly 50 cent ring. How romantic isn't it? I hope I can train the rats to help with sewing the wedding dress & my costume and maybe I can ask my real fiancé if he can help with arranging a nice location to marry!

Okay no I am just silly. I & Beli have the most idiot ideas of 'celebrating' our awesome friendship so yeah. There we go! I have photos of the ring & she even filmed (the second edition) of asking her to marry me. I asked her here in the class, while having photoshop.

We do are mad here.

maandag 16 mei 2011

We are ALIVE

Yeah that was a surprise isn't it?!
Right now both me & my soulsister Beli are dying slowly because of our next deadlines. This wednesday we both have our pre-judges & next week we have our real judges. With saturday following our fashion show.

So right now we are both into that & we don't do that much funny things outside school or our workspace. But after our chaos we are back for some fun outside school & the following stories with photos to!

One of my rats died (Captain Candy :( ), but my mental-fiancée Belinda bought me another rat! Major Chocolat Noir is such a sweetheart & she is so so damn cute!

It's so awesome to see that my rats are with three again. And they all have such a pretty colors! I have like all the types of chocolat: white, brown & black (nom nom!).

Anyhow, don't forget to follow our own blogs. We do update that more then this :D Here is Tek Error from Belinda & her is mine on Candyophobia.
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