zondag 10 april 2011


Yezzz it's vacantion for us! So we are finally at home for two weeks & a day (eastern monday to yez!), with the bad side that I & Belinda aren't going to see each other for a while. Normally I'm going the second week to Antwerp for all kind of things but this week I'm staying at home & I'm going to Berlin to.

My rats are (still) doing a sleepover with Belinda & I hope that they (well Gin) is going to lose some fatties. Captain is allright & as far as I heard already they're for the rest doing fine.

I'm going to do some more us-blogging related things. Things we love, things we do, things we did ... Maybe also about how we met & stuff. And more of that.

And damn: we have already 10 followers! Amaaaazing! <3 We all love you :D
You know where to go if you want to read more madness of us (note: right side of the blog are links to our personal blogs).

Hope you're all going to have a nice vacantion!
Lots of love:


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