zondag 10 april 2011


Something I didn't post about but which I should! I & Belinda did some quick shopping for our collection (much needed materiaks) but we ended in the think2: a second hand shop. We both found some pretty stuff (which wasn't expensive at all. Belinda even found a little jacket that is still for sale in the h&m!).

Belinda loved the loin at the Zoo.

I didn't like it.

Approaching after hanging out the tourist in my own city. With my FIRST icecream of the year! I looove straciatella ice cream!

Me beeing the tourist. I never noticed the map. But I do live allready more then 1,5 year like 5 minutes from the station ...

Beeing UBERgothic in black. Belinda was the pretty goth. I look like the trashgoth here with my leather & (fake) dr martens ...

Pretty (happy) Belinda.

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