maandag 18 april 2011

Lilac hair: pro & con

So we did blog already about Belinda her amazing pretty lilac hair, she did blogged also already about how to achieve it but now I'm going to talk about the little pro & contras of having that color.

The good side: it's an amazing color; something between spring & ice. Not many have it (as far as I know) but it combines really great with a wide range of other (clothes) colors. I think it's also really feminine if you like to dress yourself as ice goth, it's also a great color.

But the bad side is, we both experienced it, is that it fades immediatly after washing. I had a little part in my hair & when I washed my hair it was all gone. Belinda had washed her hair also a few times and all the prettyness was gone to.

The good part of it is that your hair becomes white, totally white. Which is great if you have that yellow shine in your hair after bleaching for example or you're blond (like me) & wants something lighter. You have to walk around for a few days with lilac, but if you don't mind that it's one of the options to get that(which we are going to blog about to way later to).

Going for lilac is or having a serieus job on keeping it or having it for a few days with the result of white hair. I think it's worth it but we still wanted to tell your our experience with it.

Many loves!

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