donderdag 21 april 2011

About rats

Rats is a subject both me & Beli are totally into love with. We both own a small army (I have three beautifull ladies & Beli two) of these little funny creatures. Rats are common in the subculture we live in, but we do notice that outside 'our subculture' rats are still seen as the vermin.

Rats are indeed connected to the plague & everything related with sickness & horror of past times. And this can be true: wild rats are something you shouldn't go reckless around with (don't ever try to touch a while one. If they bite, go to the doctor!).

Pet rats are the totally opposite. They're playfull, loyal & they will love you 'till the end if you won the heart of your rat. Right now, one of my rats (Captain Candy) is sleeping on my leg while I write this blog to. They will trust you & will always tend to hang around you or inside your clothes (yez dears, inside your clothes! & seriously, there is nothing so heartwarming as a few rats sleeping in your clothes against your skin while you're doing your thing).

They're not aggresive, they can have the habit to 'defend' the territory of their cage but I never been bitten by one. They love to be hugged. They love to get as much attention as you can give & they love njommie food.

Rats are really social, so mostly they will run after you (in my case they do, until I mention 'cage' & then they will run away & hide somewhere in the room) to hang around you. Because of that it's also really important you keep two rats (of the same gender ofcourse) together. Now matter how much attention you give, you are not a rat who can do rat things.

They do tend to kill your clothes, pillows, wires & blankets. They do tend to eat so much you will not have a cent left (okay not true, but they can eat a lot), they can keep you awake at night because they're making to much noise. But even with all those things, you WILL love rats once you won their heart.

Belinda has a video on her blog of all our rats eating & on my blog I just posted a blog about going out with the rats in the garden.

by Jessica Florence

Lots of love!
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