vrijdag 1 april 2011

How I made my hair lilac.

Hi folks! Laura told you that I'm going to tell my story how to get my hair lilac so I will share it with you :p

What I used is a leftover from some purple hairdye called Violet from Directions, it's not enough anymore to dye my whole head so I decided I'm going to make my hair lilac with it.
This is a semi permanent haircolor so it washes away over some time.

I kept a bottle from a hairbleaching product becaus it had a tip i could close again and this is where i put my mix in. I put my leftover hairdye in the bottle and fill it up with conditioner, I use Elséve color-veve creme (conditioner) becaus I noticed it works great for my bleached hair , If i blached my hair and I used this , it felt all normal again so :)

Then when you have filled it with some conditioner and just a lil bit water to make it more liquid , that's easier to use it on your hair becaus you can "massage it in beter yourself" keep it in for at least an houre I would say , I mostly leave it 2 houres in to be sure, you don't have to be scared it would damage your hair becaus this is not an agressive product, remember it's semi permanent, there's nothing in it to keep it there permanent :)

Wash it out , dry it and now you should have lilac hair , like I have ;) Let me know if you tried it, how it went and show me some lovely pictures of your hair!

Lots of love! Belinda

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