vrijdag 1 april 2011

Bodymods: Septum

I thought it would be also interesting for all of you to read some of my experiences with my awesome rainbow septum! I have it since a year now & got it as birthay present from friends.

My septum is done by the Roxy in Antwerp, they payed 50 euros for it.

This was my first piercing & I was bloody nervous! I had read that it could hurt a lot so I was prepared for a good dose of pain. I was trying to stay as calm as possible, especially when he grabbed my nose with that annoying pliers (in fact if I think back: that hurted even more then when they did that needle trought my nose!).

The pain itself: it was a good mean one. But when it's done & the septum is in, it's definitly okay. It hurts ofcourse, more an itching burning then pain. But I felt it.

It healed okay. I was always playing with it & then it was my own fault for having tears in my eye because of the itching pain when it moved. The main problem was the dried nasal mucus. It itched around the healing wound of the septum & when you tried to blow your nose.

It healed in a good week or three. I had the most pain in the first week-week and a half. After that, it was really good & now I have never pain. I can turn it in & out like it's nothing and I own now a pretty metallic rainbow one.

Funny sidenote: I have it more then a year now but my parents still don't know it. It's easy to hide & nobody will notice it normally. So that's a real good point of you are afraid of scars afterwards or angry parents ;)

Laura Sheridan

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