zaterdag 2 april 2011

Captain Candy her tail

Belinda already blogged about how Captain Candy her tail got degloved a few days ago. She's still had pain when she's stepping on it, it looks still horrible but it's already turning black & I think she only feels pain on the part closest to her still 'living' part. The most bone is there.

I just refreshed her cage (in fact, it's just a the little box we use to take our rats with us) but we thought it would be better to let her stay in there until she's recovered. There are no others rats who can hurt her by stepping on it & so far, she's sleeping a lot to.

It's really really sad ... Captain didn't deserve it since she's never the one who starts a fight or she never really didn't care. If it was my Gin or Belinda her Sanbuca, it would be because they where beeing two bitches again. Captain was just on the wrong place on the wrong time. Again.

Poor little thing. I'm going to give her an overdose of love when I can pick her up again without hurting her to much!

Laura Sheridan

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