maandag 4 april 2011

John Lydon

While Beli is digging up old memories of her Punk-time (and making me sad because I never experienced this period in my life) she showed me (while we where working on our costumes) the movie & more videos of John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten. You know, the (hot) one from the Sex Pistols?

We where talking about it today & that we should blog about it. She did it already & now I'm doing my part here on this blog. It's one of her idols & it's becoming one of mine to (beside the part I think he was once REALLY hot!).

He also remind me a little bit of Steven (aka my boyfriend-husband in spe). Because of his little bit of a skeleton look. Beli said the same, but then for the weird look in his eyes. I can't agree more. It's the truth.
I just fall for weird guys.

Lots of love!

Laura Sheridan

2 opmerkingen:

Belinda zei

he actually wan not the "hot" one, people find him disgusting , it was Sid that attracted the ladies (wich includes me also :p )

but I find Rotten very handsome in ssome way , though he's not the typical beauty ej ;) we know everything of that

The Obscurialist 'Dr. Cult' zei

I just like guys who look like a villian I think :P Hahah XD Okay, I'm pretty sure you should write a blog about Sid to .. ^^ Here!

Oi, this is a girls blog for a reason XD

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