woensdag 19 januari 2011

Babysitting rats!

Last weekend asked my friend Laura if I could babysit all of her rats. I said yes ofcourse becaus I love those very much! But I have to tell you that she owns 11 rats right now :p

3 adults, and 8 babies! And I have 2 rats myself so it was a big patry in my ratcage , luckly I have a pretty big cage so it was fun for them. The babies oved to explore the many hangmats I hung up and loved to tease the adults. The adults loved to sleep in one hangmat together ^_^ and to run away from the babies, every time I opened the door they tried to get out so they had some quiet and peace ^_^

Some times I took the adults downstairs so they can sleep without the little one nibbling their tails or biting their legs :D

But now they are back with Laura and it's all so still now, then I realise how much noise it makes , so many rats :D

but now on to the photo's!

2 opmerkingen:

Anna zei

11 rats?
Oh my, I can imagine the noise they make,
but they are so cute!

The Obscurialist 'Dr. Cult' zei

Yez they're! Adorable but soooo noisy!
Now there are only 6 left, soon just 3 :( But they're in a good new home, i'm sure of that ^^

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