woensdag 10 november 2010

How it all started

Having rats was something i wanted since i was a child. I did had a lot of animals (going from fishes to chickens, rabbits, birds, hamsters, ... ) but never a rat. Because 'they where dirty'. I did asked it several times, but the answer was always a NO.

Until, around the end of 2009 & the beginning of 2010, someone i know had to give her rat away. I, animallover as always, said i would adopt her until we found a house. Not much later, i convinced my houseboss & then, when it took the rat home even my parents fell in love with her.

Nezumi-Chan (or Nezumi or just Zumi) was my first rat & still my biggest love. I didn't had her long, she died in july. But in the few months i had her, she was in my heart. After a lot of problems, she had cancer (again), did an operation, had problems with the stiches, ...
But also really great moments (going to scare make-up whore off & helping people to get over the phobia for rats & modeling with Porcelain and starring in videos) that make Nezumi just Nezumi as she was.

RIP Nezumi <3

Rats are one of the most amazing creatures to have as pets and friends. I can tell you that.

X. Dr Cult, G.G & C.C

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