donderdag 11 november 2010

Captain Candy

Captain Candy is my second rat, i bought her when i heard that you need to keep rats always with 2. I found Captain Candy (or just C.C) when she was around 4 weeks old at the market in Antwerp. I won't do it again, since she was one of the many rats that is just made for earning money. The mother rats get every time after a nest already a new one, just because so there would be enough rats to sell.

Rat mills. Also often done so there would be living food for snakes. I'm really against that, especially because every snake or other reptile would take death food to (after warming up most of the time).

Anyway. I bought Captain Candy when she was still a real little rat.

She was shy & often scared. Especially because Nezumi was alone for around so long, it wasn't easy to introduce her. Fighting & worse was a daily routine. I was for a while afraid that CC would be always as scared as in the beginning, but suddenly, Nezumi accepted her & things went better then.

Now is CC always hanging around me or trying to reach me. She has her own will, but she search for my hand or arms when she's tired & wants to sleep.

When she started to like me:

After Nezumi died, CC was alone for a while. But i convinced my parents to let me take another rat & so i got General Gin. But that's another story.

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